Portable Storage in Action

convenient, secure, and delivered

How does it all work. Your unit comes by truck, but the process of placing the container is relatively simple, thanks to our custom designed lift. Safety and caring for your property is the top priority.

portable storage can fit anywhere

Storage at Your Home or Business

We can deliver a HeyRay Portable Container just about anywhere. Whether you need it in your driveway, or in a tight spot next to a building, chances are we can make it fit.

Keeping a container at your home is ideal when you need quick and frequent access to your belongings. For instance, if you’re planning a home reno, decluttering and staging your home to sell, or taking on a big project, renting a HeyRay Portable Container for temporary storage is the perfect solution.

Storage at Our Location

Can’t keep a storage container at your home? We’ll bring a HeyRay Portable Container to you, you can load it up, then we’ll move it back to our secure storage facility.

With a convenient location in Georgetown Ontario – our facility can be accessed 24/7.

Check out the competition: You Decide.

HeyRay Portable Storage vs PODS vs uHaul U-Box

HeyRay PODS U-Box
All steel swing out doors YES NO NO
Wind, Water and Rodent Proof YES NO NO
Locally Owned and Operated YES NO NO
20 Foot Containers Available YES NO NO
Horizontal Delivery System YES YES YES
Ontario Deliver Options YES YES YES
National Deliver Options NO YES YES
All Steel Construction YES NO NO


HeyRay Containers have all steel swing doors which are completely sealed from weather and rodents.  PODS have rollup doors which are not completely sealed and can allow rain and rodents to damage contents.  The other benefit of swing doors is that they do not take up space inside the container.  If the POD container contents shift during transit items can get jammed against rollup doors and they may not open properly. uHaul U-Boxes are plywood construction and are not completely sealed and can allow rain and rodents to damage contents.

HeyRay Portable Storage is 100% Canadian owned and operated.  All our employees are local and we live, work and play in your community.

HeyRay Portable Storage offers large 20 foot and 16 foot containers ideal for moving and renovation projects.  The maximum POD size is 16 feet. The maximum uHaul U-Box size is 257 cubic feet.  HeyRay 16 foot containers are 960 cubic feet almost 3 times the volume of uHaul U-Boxes.  To get the same capacity with uHaul a customer needs to order multiple units at extra cost.

HeyRay Portable Storage utilizes a state of the art Horizontal Delivery System so your contents are not shifted or damaged during delivery.  We can deliver and pickup a container in as little as 5 minutes.

For those tight spaces HeyRay Portable Storage also utilizes a remote controlled forklift delivery system which allows us to fit our containers in a space just 8 feet wide and only requires a height clearance of 8.5 feet.

PODS utilizes a boat lift style hortizontal delivery system called the Podzilla.

uHaul U-boxes can be delivered on trailers or placed in your driveway using a forklift by uHaul.

HeyRay Portable Storage offers flexible delivery options throughout south, central and northern Ontario based on mileage.  Call us for a quote.  uHaul U-Box also offers delivery options throughout Ontario.

HeyRay Portable Storage does not offer national delivery options.

HeyRay Portable containers are all steel construction including the roofs.  Most PODS have aluminum sheets over wood and have translucent plastic roofs which are susceptible to weather and wind damage. U-Boxes are plywood construction and are not completely sealed and can allow rain and rodents to damage contents.